Wage and Overtime Claims

Wage and Overtime Claims

Pre-Emptive Solutions For Wage and Overtime Cases

Our attorneys focus on providing the best possible protection for employers and employees.  Anywhere from examining contracts, relevant legislation and employer classification policies, we help you avoid compliance issues, class-action suits and other problems. When disputes become prevelant, the firm provides creative negotiation and aggressive litigation services.

We Represent Employers

In many instances, employers are shocked at how costly it can be when dissatisfied employees have to be paid overtime pay that they believe they are owed. Our firm represents employers in all aspects of wage and hour claims. One of the most important decisions for an employer is to properly classify employees as exempt, nonexempt or independent contractors. Our attorneys provide sound counsel regarding this decision. When wage and hour claims are escalated, our firm provides aggressive litigation to protect employers’ for future issues.

We Represent Employees

Courthouse Pitbulls attorneys have experience representing employees in wage-hour dispute matters. As these issues become more sensitive in the country, we are here to fight for your right. Wage-hour dispute matters are of great priority and importance to many employees. We represent employees in wage-hour cases including:

  • Back pay
  • Back commissions
  • Prelitigation counsel regarding employees’ rights and options